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This page is dedicated to those members who wish to publish occasional or regular blogs on our web site. So, if you would like your blog featured on this page please email it to John.

Alternatively, you can contact John through the ABOUT ^ CONTACT US page.


Blogs can be on any subject, although we prefer if they are on the subjects concentrated on in this site. These are:

  • Startup and new business
  • Entrepreneurship or the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Business ideas
  • Exit planning
  • General business issues

However, we will also gladly accept blogs on:

  • Investment
  • Finance
  • Property and mortgages
  • Retailing
  • Debt management and advice or
  • Anything else that could of interest to those in business.

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Latest member’s blogs

  • How to turn customers into fans
    How to turn customers into fans Attracting your fans’ radical devotion is essential to creating the word-of-mouth advertising you need about your products or services. But the question remains, how does a brand turn a customer into a die-hard fan? One of the critical elements in creating an authentic human connection. Your customers want to […]
  • Are images ever free ?
    Are images ever free? I know many companies use images from so called “free image” websites. These are essentially sites where photographer offer their image(s) for use without the need of paying a licence fee. But are these images ever free? Using a free image website sounds great and who wouldn’t use them? But, as […]
  • The economy is unstable …
    “The economy is unstable, money is tight, we are battening down the hatches to survive the storm.”​ By Stephen Jones The economy is unstable .. I want to explain what is wrong with the statement: “The economy is unstable … etc”​ In 2008 I moved to the Middle East to set up a consultancy/advisory firm […]
  • How do I increase sales?
    By Sahail Ashraf How do I increase sales? The vital question in business is: “How do I increase sales?” When you’re freelancing, you need a steady flow of sales so that you don’t run out of money. That’s basically it. It’s as crude as that. No tricks, no fancy charts. You either keep selling […]
  • The third party – who pays?
    The third party – who pays? By Graham Everitt Let’s stay under the radar Copyright Correct is increasingly helping with the “Let’s stay under the radar.” kind of copyright infringement. Albeit, those who have faced it did not realise they had an issue. Usually, on a news page or blog page within the company’s […]
  • Have you had a demand for using an unlicensed stock image?
    By Graham Everitt of Copyright CORRECT Have you had a demand for using an unlicensed stock image? You have just sat behind your desk about to take a first sip of coffee while opening your post or checking how many emails are in your in box still not replied to! You open the the innocent […]
  • Is Innovation really the key?
    Is Innovation really the key? By Andy Walter I have seen so many posts recently in the Small and Medium Sized arenas talking about innovation over the last couple of months I felt I needed to respond. I ask myself, therefore, “Is innovation really the key?” Wrong order Statements like “As we move forward three […]