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Would you like to download the free booklet Road Map to Success, which shows you how to set up your business?

Free Help

This page is for those who need Free Help and free business advice.

Business Ideas Analysis

We can help you to analyse your BUSINESS IDEAS and to decide whether you have the PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS and the BUSINESS SKILLS necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. This is entirely free to members and without obligation.

Just complete the BUSINESS IDEA ANALYSIS FORM and send it to us. Once we have completed our work we will email the free analysis to you. This will help you decide whether to take the plunge and fulfil your dreams of a successful startup.

Your exit plan is part of your overall business plan.
What is my optimum exit option?

Optimum Exit Option

We can show you how to chose your optimum exit option from the many types of exit available. Just download the EXIT OPTION ELIMINATION WORKSHEET follow the easy steps. This is entirely free to members and without obligation.

The Road Map to success will help you grow your business.
Road Map to Success

Road Map to Success

This 16-page booklet analyses you and your business ideas and then shows you what to do to set up your business and prepare for trading. Just download here.

This is entirely free and without obligation to members.


If you are building a web site the question of what images you can legally use is a tricky one because of copyright infringement.

Consequently, we always use images that are designated as “free stock images”. We recommend the website, which has a wide range of images on nearly every subject. Importantly, these images do not need copyright permission and they are royalty free.

One problem with free images is that they are often in a form that cannot be downloaded to a website. Consequently, they need to be converted. A useful free site for converting images is:

Other free help

We will be adding other Free Help for small business to our website from time to time. Another advantage of using free forum of ideas where you find facts faster!