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  • Selling yourself short
    Selling yourself short Are you a shop keeper and selling yourself short? I hope to answer this question for you in this blog. My last blog In my last blog People in Business, but not really businesspeople I considered how the lack of proper business practices and basic business manners costs small business owners dearly. […]
  • People in business, but not really businesspeople!
      People in business, but not really businesspeople! An unhappy experience with a small business owner last week caused me to reflect on the fact that so many people who are in business are not really businesspeople. By that I mean they have no idea of the basic principles of running a successful business. Nor […]
  • The perils of being a committee member  
    The perils of being a committee member The perils of being a committee member A spot of serious bother has been brewing at a local sports club, which has caused some mild panic amongst its committee members. This is because, although most people understand something of the role and responsibilities of company directors, few understand […]
  • Illusion v Reality
    Illusion v Reality Illusion v Reality Three things caught my attention this week and got me thinking about how appearance (the illusion) compared with reality. The first was a quote from Joseph Kennedy telling his famous sons: “It’s not who you are that matters, it’s what people think you are.” Second was a letter from […]
  • Will shopping ever be the same?
    Will shopping ever be the same?  Although I am not a shopper (and my wife tells me I am a nightmare to go shopping with), I came across two interesting articles about shopping last week. The first was by Tom Witherow from the Daily Mail. I usually read the Daily Mail only when I need […]
  • Is Forex trading a scam?
    A discussion of whether forex trading is a legitimate or fraudulent activity.
  • Sales forecasting for startups
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  • HSBC & TESLA – A Tale of Two Shares
    HSBC & TESLA – A Tale of Two Shares This story looks at the fortune of two companies, HSBC and Tesla, over the last year. I call it A tale of two shares. It has a moral, but I haven’t worked out what it is yet! Some basics stats If you were an investor thinking […]
  • How different countries view business failure
      How different countries view business failure In my last blog I wrote about how business failure affects the business owners and entrepreneurs who suffer from it.  The one before that looked at the way VCs consider previous business failure when making startup investments. In this blog I want to look at how different countries […]
  • The effect of business failure
    The effect of business failure In my last blog I looked at the attitude of VCs towards entrepreneurs who had experienced business failure. In this blog, the effect of business failure, I would like to consider how business failure effects business owners themselves. Attitudes towards failure If we believe some gurus who pontificate on the […]
  • Attitudes towards business failure
    Attitudes towards business failure Recently I came across this quote:   “It is obvious why some entrepreneurs in the UK aren’t prepared to take risks.  When they are successful…people hate them, and when they fail … people hate them’. It got me thinking about the different attitudes towards business failure, particularly the differences between the […]
  • “I have a good business idea but admit I haven’t got an idea about business!”
    An examination of whether too many of the wrong sort of people go into business.
  • Do I need a new idea to start a business?
    Do I need a new idea to start a business? Aspiring entrepreneurs often ask the question “Do I need a new idea to start a business?” The question raises some interesting issues about the role new ideas play in business generally and in startups in particular. Type of startups In my last blog I mentioned […]
  • “Pioneers end up with arrows in their backs”
    Startups are a high risk business
  • The long term impact of Covid-19
    The long term impact of Covid-19 The Covid-19 virus has had a dramatic impact on national economies. It has forced many business to close and completely changed the way others can operate. It has turned once busy centres into ghost towns; brought international travel to an almost complete standstill and has caused stock markets to […]
  • Business Partners
    Business partners The dramatic court case in the UK involving the Barclay Brothers (owners of the Ritz Hotel and Telegraph Newspapers) highlights the difficulties that can arise from having business partners and, particularly, family business partners. I thought I would consider some of these problems and possible solutions in this blog, particularly in relation to […]
  • SEO for beginners
    Like most business owners who have just set up a web site I am grappling with the mysteries of search engine optimisation (SEO). For a start, I needed to get to grips with the jargon and, thankfully, I found out early that SEO as well as being the science, the doing, also stands for a […]
  • Networking or selling?
    A remark made to me this week got me thinking about the attitude to selling in different countries and the related question of whether networking was really selling or something else. Different attitudes In the United States selling is openly recognised for what it is: vital for all successful businesses. Its great entrepreneurs are all […]
  • Desire, need or problem?
    Desire, need or problem? When considering whether to start up a business, conventional advice says that for a business to be successful it must provide a product or service that fulfils a customer desire or need, or solves a customer problem. Note that sometimes a need and a problem are considered as the same thing. […]
  • Why do people go into business?
    As this is my first blog I thought I would start at the beginning and consider the question: Why do people go into business? Why, when so many small businesses start with hope and end in despair? Why do people go into business? The usual reasons given for going into business are: “I want to […]